Food RX Coach, LLC

Food is information. Food is medicine.
Coaching with Whole Foods.

Boise, Idaho

plant based foods

Food RX Coach, LLC

Food is information. Food is medicine.

Coaching with Whole Foods.

Boise, Idaho

Our mission is to educate people about the benefits of whole food plant based eating for health reasons, making it easy to adopt and easy to pass along to others who are interested, including medical personnel. Consult with your primary care physician regarding nutrition and dietary changes.

Whole Food Plant Based Chef and Coach

plant based food

At Food RX we are here to empower people to change their health and future aging process, one bite at a time, treating the causes, not the symptoms. Our focus is to assist you in customizing a plan that will enhance and motivate you to achieve your health goals through education, healthy eating and successful food planning. Here you will find resources about the science behind the whole food plant based lifestyle of eating, depicted in easy-to-understand whiteboard videos. Also, we provide the ‘how-to’ of transitioning to this WOE (way of eating), lifestyles that promote health and vibrant aging process. Additionally, I will offer recipes from many traditions and cultures, using commonly available ingredients. Last but not least, valuable research links and resources dealing with topics like dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune conditions and other chronic diseases that are impacted by dietary choices.

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Healthy Plant-based eating


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