Social Media for WFPB

Whole food plant based is not a diet.  It is a lifestyle.  Counting macros and calories are no longer necessary.  Getting the right mix of plant based foods is the nuts and bolts and the sauce is the magic!  And by far the most dynamic way to access information, recipes, and encouragement is thru social media.  This way of eating is always the most fun when everyone in the house or tribe eats this way, but if that is not the case, there is a huge community of like-minded people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms.

Facebook has several groups that contain a wealth of information and a supportive tribe.  A few are:

Forks Over Knives Official Plant-Based Group       Closed Group, 262,000+ members       Closed Group, 169,000+ members

Dr. Esselstyn Preventing And Reversing Heart Disease- Recipes & Discussion   Closed, 8,300+ members

Eat To Live Support Group     Closed Group, 64,000+ members

Dr Greger & How Not to Die Independent Support Group     Closed Group, 62,000+ members

Whole Food Plant Based – No Oil (WFPB-NO) Recipe Share    Closed Group, 8,700+ members

The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Challenge Group    Closed Group, 32,000+ members

Plant-Powered Families    Closed Group, 13,000+ members

T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition      Closed Group, 35,000+ members

Whole Food Plant Based No Oil Recipes!    Closed Group, 50,000+ members

Whole food, plant-based, no oil Instant Pot recipes (only)            Public Group, 5,700+ members

Whole Food Plant Based Instant Pot Cooking       Closed Group, 5,300+ members



Forks Over Knives:

Dr. Greger’s Nutrition Facts.Org:

High Carb Hannah:

Engine 2 Diet:

Eat To Live:

Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM):

Brand New Vegan:

From My Bowl:

Plant-Based On a Budget:

Vege Events:


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