Dinner Parties

How To: Plant Based Eating in Boise, Idaho

The host or hostess decides the type of party and then the menu.  Chef provides shopping list from selected menu so host can shop and decide organic or conventional, use from things on hand and purchase needed ingredients.  Host provides basic kitchen tools, kitchen, tabletop supplies and beverages of choice.  The chef arrives in time to prep.  Actual combining, etc. will occur in front of guests to whatever level host desires.

Family Style

Informal dinner party that introduces guests to one of the five basic family meals that are frequently used and requested.  ‘Family style’ can either be passed at table or set up as buffet.  Cost is $25 per plate.

  • Pasta-based bowl
  • Buddha bowl
  • Jackfruit tacos or pizza
  • Soup and sides
  • Potato Pile-On

Dessert option for family style:  $25 each, approximately serves 6-8 people:  Key Lime Pie, Chocolate mousse with fresh berries, Chickpea Brownies, Yonanas ‘Nice Cream’ with 2 fruits.

Plated 3-Course

More formal in that courses will be plated, but still can have a lot of chef interaction, showing tricks and techniques of cooking this way, answering questions, etc.  Cost is $80 per person.

Menu decided, shopping list provided and bought by client.

  • Salad course with hummus and veggies.
  • Main Course (many options and ethnic choices are possible, or it could be a family favorite that has been reworked to be WFPB!).
  • Dessert

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