• I hired Becki (my RX Food coach!) in April of 2019 after receiving a shocking diagnosis of cancer. I always thought I was eating healthy but after learning what EATING HEALTHY really means I now realize how little I knew about nutrition! Becki brought a wealth of information gleaned from many professionals. She has a great background as a teacher and was entertaining and fun to learn from. She quickly showed me the benefits of eating vegan and taught me the tricks of the trade to make delicious substitutes for all my main dishes. We met for several months – sometimes twice a week until I felt comfortable moving forward on my own. I am loving this new “clean” way of eating and am so thankful for all I have learned from Becki! Lois Wolin, Eagle, Idaho.
    Eagle, Idaho
    Thank you Lois

    I learned much from you, too and loved working with you. Blessings!