Why Whole Food Plant Based?

plant based foods

Does it really matter?  Busy?  Stressed?  Just grab some frozen meat dish out of the freezer and add a starch, a bagged salad and white dressing, that is healthy, right?  Or let’s just go to a drive-thru and grab something quick.

As stated by Dr. Michael Greger, MD, in “How Not To Die”, it really DOES matter.  “Given the right conditions, the body heals itself.  If you whack your shin really hard on a coffee table, it can get red, swollen, and painful.  But your shin will heal naturally if you just stand back and let your body work its magic.  But what if you kept whacking it in the same place three times a day–say, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  It would never heal.”  Very similarly, we have the opportunity at least three times a day to provide our body with food that supports health…or not.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) is loaded with processed foods that are scientifically designed to taste amazing by hitting the ‘bliss point’,  that perfect combination of fat, salt and sugar.  Made in a factory, they are designed to keep people eating and buying more.  They are the drug of choice.

Plant based whole foods are loaded with the nutrients, vitamins, protein, fats, fiber and colors that our bodies crave, without the animal fats, animal hormones, preservatives, chemicals and unpronounceable additives to make processed foods last forever on a shelf.  Science is beginning to understand that just taking a supplement doesn’t replace the magical properties of eating foods loaded with key nutrients.  Americans are not increasingly fatter and sicker for a lack of pharmaceuticals, protein, fat, salt and sugar.  Choosing plants over animal-derived foods (those with parents and faces) three times a day is a choice for vibrant eating and improved health.